10 Things That Only Real Gentlemen Do

When it comes to filtering out the frauds from the real gentlemen, there are some simple ways to find out who is genuine, here is our list of 10 things that only real gentlemen do…

1. PROVE THAT MANNERS MAKETH MAN, Never was there a finer reflection of a true gentleman than this. He writes thank you letters not emails, he sends gifts not texts, he holds the door, he minds his Ps & Qs, he offers his coat and his seat and above all he knows that all who he comes into contact with deserve the same such level of manners.

2. DRESS WELL, Like the well heeled gents of the past, a real gentleman is respectably and appropriately dressed at all times. He understands the value of style over fashion and knows where to go to get it.

3. MAINTAIN GROOMING STANDARDS, He need not preen to perfection, but a real gentleman will maintain appropriate levels of personal grooming on a daily basis.

4. HAVE REAL EMPATHY, It is no good being charming and well presented if you lack the fundamental ability to empathise with all those who you come into contact with. Empathy can not be faked or learnt, it is something inherent in all real gentlemen.

5. RESPECT EVERYONE, From the man who cleans his shoes to the chairman of his company, a true gentleman treats everyone with the same level of respect.

6. DISPLAY CHIVALRY, This is not limited to simply showing chivalry to women, but a gentleman will do all in his power to help everyone around him, from walking curb-side with a woman to helping an elderly man across the road.

7. KEEP THEIR WORD, Whether it be in business or romance, a real gentleman will always keep his word.

8. SHOW RESTRAINT, A real gentleman does not raise his voice or loose his temper, even in the most difficult of situations.

9. DO EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, A true gentleman knows how to enjoy himself, but he knows when to indulge and when to say no.

10. PROVE THAT ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, Similarly to keeping his word, a gentleman will restore anyone’s faith in the fact that actions really do speak louder than words.

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