Watches – Piaget Create The Thinnest Watch In The World

Piaget Watch - TGJ.01Piaget are known for their super-thin watches, but this Altiplano 38 mm 900P is on another level, even for the ‘master of the ultra thin’. It is both a movement and a case, the world’s thinnest watch. Piaget have merged the hand-wound caliber with the case elements and designed it as a single entity, all of which results in a record breaking thinness at just 3.65 mm thin. Representing a crowning achievement in over half a century of virtuoso skills displayed in the realm of ultra-thin watchmaking where Piaget reigns supreme, it conveys the excellence of the two integrated Manufactures run by the Maison.

This expertise goes all the way back to 1957 with the invention of the Calibre 9P, the first Piaget ultra-thin movement and what today is a real classic. They celebrated their 140th anniversary at the SIHH, with the unveiling of the Piaget Altiplano 38mm 900P.

While for Piaget, the extreme slimming down of the parts in an ultra-thin watch must in no way compromise its reliability, the same goes for the level of finishing. The Altiplano 38 mm 900P is no exception to the rule. Even though some of its 145 parts remain hidden from sight, all of them have been meticulously finished in keeping with the noblest horological traditions, through countless hours of patient work rendered even trickier by the extraordinary slenderness of the components.

So, if you fancy wearing a stylish and record-breaking timepiece, then this is definitely for you.

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