The watch brand attracting ridiculously good reviews

You have to scroll quite far through the reviews on the Brathwait site to find a negative one. The level of praise raining on the minimalist watch brand, which claims to offer transparency to the world of watchmaking, is as forthcoming as a tropical monsoon. It’s clear that people are falling dial over strap for their pieces. Head there now and see for yourself – every facet appears to be attracting applause, from the customer service to its social media presence and, of course, the products themselves. That many people cannot be wrong. And indeed they aren’t.

Brathwait prides itself on being able to offer quality watches at a more than reasonable price. Every step of the production is declared on its website, showing where their money is spent and, in turn, where and why you should spend yours on one of its unique timepieces. The young brand has dialled into a market that was eagerly looking: the younger generation who want to own a watch they can be proud of, without having to part with too many of their hard-earned pennies – i.e. something classic and classy, without any suited and booted stigma attached. Dare I use the word, ‘cool’.


They start at just $150 (which can be paid off in monthly instalments), yet when your watch drops through your letter box it’ll feature sapphire glass, a coating of pure gold and copper, with a thickness of 6uM (6/1000 of a mm, a plating that will last forever), and a stainless steel case that offers impressive durability. As the reviews state, over and over again, the value for money is exceptional – they are affordable watches that punch well above their weight.

They get the way that the younger generation want to purchase a watch – they want to know why they should choose (and stick with) Brathwait over any other brands. The brand hides nothing from the consumer, the model used in their campaign shoot set the internet on fire as every female publication pinned Ben Dahlhaus the best-looking man walking the planet, and they seem to be gaining ground on Facebook as an image sharing platform. When you buy a Brathwait, you buy more than just a great looking watch; you buy into a community.

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