Triumph’s latest collaboration is two-wheeled art

To mark 59 years since the iconic ’59 Triumph Bonneville, the brand has created three art-inspired custom Modern Classics

1959 marked the beginning of a cultural explosion. A new attitude inspired a revolution in music, art and culture – from rock ’n’ roll to Andy Warhol.

It was also the year that the original iconic ’59 Triumph Bonneville rolled onto the road, encapsulating this spirit and passion for life, and inspiring legions of riders from movie stars to teenage café racers and a whole motorcycle movement.

To celebrate that spirit that was born 59 years ago, the British brand has partnered with street artist D*Face, a long-standing Triumph owner, to customise three unique bikes inspired by the Spirit of ’59, each one a model from Triumph’s Modern Classics range.

"The ’59 Triumph Bonneville inspired movie stars to teenage café racers, and a whole motorcycle movement..."

“I’ve always had a very strong allegiance to motorcycles, since I was a kid,” the artist exclusively tells Gentleman’s Journal. “The sense of freedom they evoke runs deep and connects to my work, especially the origins of my work. So I’ve always seen motorcycles as an art form.

“However, they don’t make the easiest of canvases – but that makes for a really interesting challenge. It’s not just because it’s a 3D form, but a petrol tank looks wholly different off the bike than on, which complicates things. And obviously it’s also important the overall paint scheme suits the style and stance of the bike.”

The Bonneville T120

“This is an iconic British bike – it’s proud to be British, I immediately felt this bike deserved to wave the Union Jack, but not the Union Jack as we know it, a refreshed version, something that references that spirit of the 60s but also feels contemporary yet remains classic.”

The Bonneville Thruxton

“The Thruxton R, this is a modern-day Café Racer a real track weapon, a beautiful looking bike stood still, an absolute beast moving, this bike is all about catching the flag, being flat out first across the line, this is for the racer in us all.”

The Bonneville Bobber Black

“The Bobber is a single-minded bike with attitude, more in the spirit of the airmen coming back from WW2, looking for the thrills of flying. So, making their bikes lighter with more attitude, this bike is a homage to those pilots and particularly the nose cone art painted by the crew on their fighter planes. A fighting cat – a Bob’Cat!”

Anyone booking a test ride on a Triumph Modern Classic via the Triumph website between the 7th February 2018 and 30th April 2018 will automatically have the chance to win one of these unique bikes (full terms and conditions are available on the Triumph website for participating markets).  

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