The world’s most extravagant commercial airlines

Following our guide to 10 things a gentleman should know before getting on a private jet, we have decided to find the most luxurious commercial airlines for those of us who have no plans of boarding a private plane in the near future.

Although there is nothing wrong with buying a less expensive plane ticket with a low-cost airline to the capital of Greece, there are still airlines that focus on attracting passengers wanting to experience a bit of opulence in the air.



If you are a fan of fluffy pillows, padded headboards and crisp linen, Singapore Airlines will allow you to experience your own luxurious heaven. Reading a book or resting your eyes is always much easier with their harmonised lighting environment. Renowned chefs prepare gourmet masterpieces just for you, offered with tableware designed by Givenchy.

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They have recently refurbished their cabins, offering passengers sophisticated and contemporary style. As soon as you board one of their planes you have access to warm-toned natural leather seats with the ability to recline or transfer them into fully flat beds. You will also be able to experience delicious Asian food and drinks.


Flying with the second biggest airline of the United Arab Emirates gives you a chance to have your own luxury changing room, personal wardrobe and refreshments cabinet. If that is not making you feel extravagant yet, you can choose from menus inspired by the world’s leading fine restaurants prepared by your personal inflight chef.

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Shower spa, inflight entertainment and privacy doors – Emirates Airlines is your friend. You can make new friends alongside consuming carefully prepared canapés and refreshing cocktails by visiting the Onboard Lounge. If you wish to get to and from the airport in style, booking your complimentary chauffeur-drive service might be something worth experiencing.

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