Introducing: the world’s first smart scooter

There are few noises in life more painful than the high-pitched engine squeal of a scooter being thrashed around narrow streets in the dead of night. Pizza deliveries, Chinese takeaways, a swarm of teenagers ignoring a curfew, the noisy gnats are everywhere, drilling into sleeping souls.


You’ll be pleased to hear then that Gogoro have found a solution: the world’s first smart scooter. No noise, no fumes, no fuss – the waspish buzz is soon to be substituted with a windy whoosh. It’s as noisy as a Macbook, as clever as Einstein and as green as neon paint, with zero harmful emissions. It’s nippy, too; the smart technology providing instant access to 100% power torque on demand. You’ll get to 50km/h in 4.2 seconds, a smug look on your face as others on 125cc bikes are left in your clean wake.

The Smartscooter uses space age aluminium, similar to the world’s finest supercars, so it’s featherlight, yet incredibly strong. As scooters go, it’s actually pretty cool. And yes, that is a scooter doing a burnout.

Gogoro-Burnout copy

While the everyday scooter has the intelligence of a toddler, struggling with his 2-times table, the Gogoro has a degree in maths, science and understands the algorithm of the internet – it has 80 sensors, monitoring every single movement you make. You unlock and lock the bike with your phone or smartwatch, and an app tracks and analyses your trips. You’re essentially joy-riding a laptop.


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