The beanies we actually approve of

Wearing a beanie is hard. Historically, they just aren’t a cool, sophisticated or gentlemanly accessory to own, let alone wear. Jack Wills definitely didn’t do the beanie justice in circa 2009 when everyone and their mother was walking around in a branded head-piece – one that was most likely sagging perfectly at the back and that resembled something that a member of One Direction would wear. Here are a few pointers for you: avoid anything patterned, anything too bright and, while we don’t mean to be a killjoy – anything with a bobble. Stick to neutral colours, make your hat blend in with the rest of your outfit and please, at all costs avoid anything branded or ‘funny’.

Beanies are like a fedora or a trilby; they are fundamentally a difficult piece to pull off and are certainly not for everyone. The trouble is, far too many people see them as a functional piece rather than a piece that should be taken seriously as part of an outfit. But if you invest time, money and effort into the rest of your outfit, why would you sacrifice it at the last minute by choosing to add a hideous beanie? It’s time you thought twice before pull on that striped hat with the obnoxious bobble on top tomorrow morning…

Beams Plus


Beams Plus, £55



Asos, £8

J. Crew


J.Crew, £25


Acne, £100



Topman, £8


India Gladstone

India Gladstone

India is the Online Editor of Gentleman's Journal

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