The Funniest Moments of Wimbledon

Ahh Wimbledon, the greatest tennis competition on the planet and the one that all players dream of winning. But while the grand slam turns up some incredible tennis it has also played host to some truly hilarious moments on court. Here are some of the best (well, since Youtube began at least).

TROICKI HAS A NEW COACH It takes a lot to beat Novak Djokovic, something that fellow Serb Viktor Troicki was finding in his match against him. A fan, however, thought he had all the answers, shouting his advice to Troicki. Quick with his response, the 28-year old laughed and offered his racket to the fan. Serving for the set, Troicki then played the shot which had been advised – to Novak’s backhand – and he wins the point.

“STEFFI, WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ German former World No 1, Steffi Graf, sent the crowd into hysterics with her response to a fan’s marriage proposal. Graf just responded, “How much money do you have?”

SHHHHHH… Jerzy Janowicz caused some problems for Andy Murray in his journey to the Wimbledon title last year. As you will see in this clip, he also added some light relief in the match, when he was interrupted by an over-eager fan.

A LOW BLOW FROM MURRAY No words needed, except that the pain in Jo-Wilfred Tsonga’s special place is perfectly visible on his face. Better get some ice on it.

EVEN THE BEST FALTER Even the best make mistakes, as evidenced by Roger Federer with this massive error off an easy shot. Everyone is so shocked by his mistake that all everyone can do is laugh, even the players.

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