The Diary – The Noisettes At Raffles

Thursday 20th September – Raffles Members Club

Last Thursday Raffles members club threw open its doors to celebrate and showcase their re-design. The re-design of the iconic club was done by ‘Lambert & Brown’, fresh from designing Robin Birley’s 5 Hertford Street. The design brings a new sense of modernity to the iconic club, whilst keeping reference to the old school, including we are pleased to say, the stage in the middle of the dance floor. Guests kept themselves fuelled with ‘Pear and Cinnamon fizz cocktails’ and ‘mini bangers and mash’. Owner Sachin Khanna chatted away to guests in his usual welcoming way. Guests included MIC’s Binky Felstead, Freddie Van Zedenbergen, Olivia Grant, Amy Nuttall, George Sunderland, Max Thurlow, Polly Anne Monkton, Charlie Hanbury, Rory Chichester and Max Agar who all carried on into the night, dancing away to the Noisettes hit songs ‘That Girl’ and ‘Never Forget You’.


Max Thurlow, Polly Anne Monkton, George Sunderland

 Shinghai – lead singer of the Noisettes

 Sachin Khanna & Charlie Hanbury

 Natalie Coyle & Jenni Falconer

 Mr and Mrs Lorenzo Curci



 Binky Felstead

 Amy Nuttall




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