The Diary – Dukebox Launch Chelsea

Last night saw the longly anticipated opening of Dukebox in Chelsea. The talk around town was that Dukebox was going to fill the gap that the infamous Public nightclub left behind. Owner Howard Spooner, previously owner of Public, has created a club that has a New York loft feel combined with a fair ground. Staff are dressed in toy box military coats, there are carousel horses, a roundabout podium, caged jack-in-the-boxes, booths in the guise of Waltzer cars, a giant duck-on-a-spring and private dance floor caves, so basically one big grown up’s play ground. Guests included Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, Francis Boulle, Ollie Proudlock and Rosie Fortescue, other guest’s included Cressida Bonas, Otis Ferry, Drummond Money-Coutts and Henry Conway. Guests nibbled on Love Da Popcorn and marshmallows, washed down by Champagne and delicious raspberry vodka cocktails. Fun, fun, fun.


Freddie Richardson, Jamie Laing and India Whalley

Howard Spooner and team

Rosie Fortescue and George Jessel

Rollo Patrick and Elspeth Rose

Lucy Gilman and Howard Spooner

Connie Fox-Andrews and Friends

 Drummond Money-Coutts and Friends

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