5 talents women find attractive in men

Johnny Depp playing piano


Talents can mean different things to different men (and being good at your job isn’t one of them), but it’s worth knowing the fundamental talents that have won countless women over, time and time again.




“Oh my god. X is seriously good looking!” I exclaimed recently after spending the weekend with a group of friends, one of which I hadn’t met before. My flatmate and general bringer of all reality turned, without missing a beat, “oh babe, you’ll get over it. He gets less attractive the more you get to know him”. She was right. He did. A lovely guy, sure, but one who becomes significantly less fanciable the more you get to know him. Why? Well I’m not even sure; he’s phenomenally bright, great job, good family, undeniably good-looking, charming and very funny, but he’s just missing that something. The kind of something that distinguishes him from every other good-looking guy in a suit. After much deliberation, the only conclusion we could come to was a lack of significant talent.

Essentially, talent (in the broader sense) is one of the most attractive qualities a man (or woman, I hear) can have. I’m not talking ‘being good at your job’ or ‘being a dab hand on the tennis court‘, I mean true, natural talent. A skill or ability that separates you from the rest of the men around you is likely, if not certain, to make you more attractive to the opposite sex. While it may be looks that have us instantly attracted, once we grow to know someone they either become more or less attractive. Looks become irrelevant as chemistry takes hold and having natural aptitude or skill for something is likely to put you in the “he gets more attractive” bracket of getting to know someone – the bracket that I’m sure we’d all like to be in. The 5 talents that women find the most attractive?

1. Dancing

La La Land Dance with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

Ever wondered why girls go weak at the knees for Channing Tatum? Watch Step Up, you’ll understand. Actually don’t watch Step Up, you’ll hate it. La La Land on the other hand is a must-watch. All you need to know is that whilst you don’t need to be able to do a back flip in the rain to a cheesy soundtrack (although if you can, where do I find you?), if you’re the guy who can sweep a woman around a dance floor with ease and style then you’re set for life my friend, because as I’ve said before, every woman wants to be asked to dance.

2. Languages

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If you can’t blag your way through one additional language yet then I suggest you download Rosetta Stone right now. It’s a universally agreed fact that a man who is multilingual is instantly more attractive than one who isn’t. Topping the hot list of languages is Italian, closely followed by Spanish. Knowing a phrase-or-two in French helps, too.

3. Music

Johnny Depp playing piano

I’m not talking the ability to knock out Wonderwall around a campfire while wearing a beanie – women get over this by about 16 years of age (however, if you are 16 and can just about strum the 4 cords that make up this Oasis favourite, then find yourself a campfire on the beach asap and see what happens. You’re welcome). What I am talking about is that inherent musical ability, from singing to saxophone, piano to piccolo (ok maybe not the last one, but it sounds better). There will forever be something inherently attractive about a man with musical talent and if you’re not blessed with the ability to read music then fear not, as a musical appreciation is also pretty damn hot.

4. Art and creativity

Bradley Cooper writing music

Painter, sculptor, writer or poet – having that rare ability to create something that moves another person emotionally is the oldest attraction in the book and lucky for all you creative souls out there, the attraction shows no sign of waning. Creativity and a talent for one of the above can make even the least physically attractive of men become the most desirable in the room.

5. Cooking

Bradley Cooper holds a fish in the movie Burnt

There’s a difference between being able to follow a recipe and being a natural in the culinary department. That flair for something that’s so attractive in artists and creatives comes across in the kitchen too, plus it’s playing with senses and we all know that’s hot as hell.



Holly Macnaghten is the Fashion Director at The Gentleman's Journal

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