The 5 best industries to start a business in this year

The dominance of the Internet at the turn of the century meant that many people were turning to it for career changes. Numerous people have made an absolute killing by starting their businesses online and branching out rapidly through social media and the like. There is plenty of money to be made elsewhere though… here are the 5 best industries to start a business in this year.



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Almost everything is available online nowadays, and almost everyone spends their hard earned cash over the Internet. Whilst clothing, tech and almost every other retail market are making a killing, the world of food is somewhat behind. It has surprised some industry insiders by not taking off, but those same people are predicting that it will, soon. If young entrepreneurs can offer fresh, quality food that is well priced, then there is definitely potential for money to be made.



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Although a niche market, businesses that engineer software to boost the productivity and profits of farmers are starting to generate impressive profits of their own. Whilst the industry itself isn’t teeming with companies, it’s currently valued at $1.5 billion and it’s expected to reach $2 billion by 2020. That’s impressive to say the least.



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The energy drinks market took the world by storm back in the nineties, with many, particularly the US market, lapping up the caffeine in order to stay awake. Now though, punters are searching for quite the opposite and that same market are buying beverages that help you relax by the bucket load. The sleep-aid drinks industry is worth a mammoth $150 million currently but it is set to really take off in 2015 and beyond.



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Whilst already well established, the fantasy sports industry is continuing to grow thanks in no large part to the increasing speed and power of broadband and mobile connections. People would once have to head for their desktop to play fantasy sports games, but now they can do it on the go via mobile phones, so those adapting to wireless tech by creating visually interesting and simple to use apps are making the real money.



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It makes sense to invest in an industry that always has a demand. People are always going to be looking for jobs, so employment, temping and staffing agencies will always be relevant. They have shown growth also, perhaps due to the dominance of the web and mobile technology, which allows people to always be on the lookout for new openings and positions.

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