POWER – Seabob Cayago F7 Opus Carbon Edition

Seabob  -TGJ.01

Skimming over the water at high speeds is a thrill that never gets old, but now we want the experience to take on new dimensions. We want to take that speed underwater. Enter the SEABOB CAYAGO F7 Opus Carbon Edition.

This incredible and intelligent piece of machinery gives you the adrenaline high of a jet-ski with all the serenity and awe of underwater diving. Manoeuvre the SEABOB to dip in and out of the water, riding the waves, or shift your bodyweight to direct it down towards the ocean bed (to depths of up to 40m) to take in all the underwater scenery. This is the ultimate toy for a day out on the yacht. A completely unique experience that will quickly become your summer addiction (or, indeed, anytime of year with a sturdy wetsuit). What’s more, the SEABOB CAYAGO F7 is the most powerful one of the market, with an unparalleled thrust of 734 Newton allowing you to reach speeds of up to 20km/h overwater and 14km/h underwater.

Like with any piece of sporting equipment, the more you use it, the better you become and soon you will be able navigate the waves like a pro. Beginners have no need to fret though because, just like a jet ski, you control the speed. It’s 10 power gears are controlled by piezo buttons meaning that you can easily ride to your own level and style. Simply, apply light pressure to the green sensor to accelerate the SEABOB and the same to the red sensor to reduce thrust.

There’s even more good news in the fact that the CAYAGO F7 is completely environmentally friendly. The innovative technology used means that the high-performance HP motor is emission-free and almost silent to the ear. There is a central cockpit displaying an illuminated LCD screen giving the pilot all the technical data needed to heighten the enjoyment of their ride. This information includes the diving depth and water temperature, actual power and the remaining operating time.

This luxury seatoy – which was designed at the company’s plant in Stuttgard, Germany – is powerful,  aerodynamic and technologically advanced but most importantly it is really, really fun. Take one for a spin and see for yourself.

The SEABOB CAYAGO F7 Opus Carbon Edition retails at €12,880, for more information visit CAYAGO

 By Victoria Gardiner 

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