The swim short mistakes you’re making and how to avoid them

It’s summer: temperatures are rising and the prospect of heading out into the open wearing nothing but a small pair of shorts can be terrifying. There’s no doubt that baring all in the cold, harsh light of day takes a certain type of confidence, but if it’s 30 degrees and you’re sitting by the pool, it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to want to stay fully clothed. Here are the ways to make the whole experience a bit easier on yourself:

You’re going for style over comfort

If the swim shorts you’re wearing are uncomfortable, the likelihood is that they don’t look right, either. You need to get the balance between tight and baggy right: anything too tight and you’ll look like something out of a walking, talking advert for the beaches of Brazil, and anything too baggy is a seriously unflattering look. The key to understanding the difference is to assess your comfort levels and change things up where appropriate.

You’re wearing the wrong colour for your skin tone

One of the fastest ways to look out of place on the beach or by the pool is by getting the colour of your shorts wrong. If you’re blessed with a darker skin tone, go bright. If you’ve got paler skin, wear something more muted. Bright orange on pale skin will just make you look more washed out than you need to, and equally muted colours on dark skin won’t do anything to bring out the right tones.

You’ve got the length totally wrong

The length of your trunks is one of the most important style points to get right, and you need to find the perfect resting point a couple of inches above the knee. So, unless you’re genetically blessed, or a rugby player, the likelihood is that you just won’t look good in short shorts. Harsh, but true. Equally, wearing something below the knee is likely to swamp you, no matter what size you are. Try on a variety of pieces and don’t settle for something that doesn’t feel quite right.

You’re wearing white

I don’t care how confident you are in yourself, or how much you spent on your swim shorts. Wearing purely white shorts is never going to end well for anyone, not least of all yourself. Swim shorts are historically made out of very thin material, and one that’s more than likely to go see-through after a wash or two. Don’t give anyone more than they bargained for by falling short of this, gentlemen.


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