The summer trends that you can actually wear

Although sometimes ridiculous, embarrassing and utterly unwearable, trends are always going to be there, season upon season, year on year. And while they are created by the fashion industry and influencers to essentially get people to spend money, they are sometimes decent enough to warrant a following. Like anything, though, wearing a trend comes with its own set of rules.

Taking the time to consider what you’re wearing should be something that all gentlemen do anyway, but if there’s more than one trend in your outfit, you’re doing it wrong. Subtlety is key: you don’t want to override any of your own sense of style by wearing something that you’ve directly copied off another gentleman who might be rocking the trend. Little and often is the way to go, and these are the summer trends worth following.

Short sleeved shirts

Short sleeved shirts have a bad reputation, associated mainly with unstylish classmates or badly dressed dads. This summer is the first time that they’ve truly made a total comeback amongst stylish circles, and almost every well dressed gentleman you know is guaranteed to be rocking one this summer. Stick to more relaxed tailoring to round the look off nicely and never, ever wear a tie with one.

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