The Most Stylish Movie Icons of all Time

Over the years the silver screen has gifted us with numerous male movie stars, many of whom have stolen the hearts of wistful females with their dashing charm and sultry good looks. Often, these men are dressed in a way that improves their appearance, giving them a nonchalant air of sophistication and elegance that may otherwise be absent. Some men, however, have stood above the rest and, throughout their respective careers, have solidified their place among the stylish elite. These men have bucked trends, conquered adversity and created a style all of their own. These men are our most stylish movie icons.


The Bristol born Cary Grant is, to many, the most stylish man to ever grace the big screen. He was always impeccably tailored in the finest bespoke suiting, and his unflappable charisma and sculpted good looks helped him to redefine the word debonair. He could do casual too though, as shown by the turtlenecks and relaxed knitwear he wore in films like To Catch a Thief.


Marlon Brando and James Dean are two of the most revered movie icons of all time and both of their styles have been replicated countless times. Their French contemporary Alain Delon, though, is often overlooked despite the fact that he dressed in a way that was arguably just as unique. Delon had the innate ability to look great in whatever he wore, but he perhaps looked at his best in an open neck shirt and chinos whilst swanning about under the Mediterranean sun.


There’s not much that hasn’t been said about the style of Steve McQueen; an entire encyclopedia could be written about the clothes he wore and the way he wore them. The most diverse of all of our icons, he looked as much at home in a plaid three-piece suit as he did in a waxed Barbour International and of course, we can’t forget those famous Persol shades.

By Charlie Thomas Twitter charlieacthomas

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