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Imagine if you could strip back time to make every hour, minute, second and milli-second count. Stop it from rushing past you. Simplify it.
Well unfortunately we can’t make that happen for you, but we can give you our pick of three of the latest minimalist watches to make keeping time a simpler affair. As you can see, on the face of them there’s not much apart from dials and hands. They haven’t been bulked up with added temperature gadgets or pedometer widgets to get your head around. These simple time-keepers are timelessly classic. Ok, enough of the ‘time’ puns. It’s true though: their technologies won’t age and their mechanisms will keep on ticking long after you do.
Designed with simplicity, symmetry and balance in mind, they are sleek and sophisticated, perfect for the wrist that seals business deals and one which reaches for a gin & tonic. Opt for a design with a strong leather strap, round face and un-numbered dials for minimalism at its best. Our go-to brands for the most luxurious watch looks are Ted Stafford, Uniform Wares and Junghans X Max Bill.
Uniform Wares is renowned for its sleek, pared-down designs which have been available since 2009. Due to launch their latest horology line in September at the Design Festival this brand needs to be on your radar. The 351 Series introduces three new styles featuring three movements the watch label has never offered before. Each model will feature a date at the six o’clock position on its alabaster face finished with concentric Wedgewood blue regulator rings and brushed aluminium hands, topped off with a navy bezel and Italian-made soft blue rubber strap.
If you can’t hold out until September then check out the range of models they currently have on offer online. We’ve got our eyes on the iconic 103 Series and the brown strap and black stand-out face in the 251 Series. Retailing at £120 and £390 there’s something for everyone.
For more formal options check out Junghans’ X Max Bill’s models, with sleek black straps and shiny silver features.
Minimalist Watch TGJ.01
£120 from
Minimalist Watch TGJ.02
£390 from
Minimalist Watch TGJ.03
£1,430, from Junghans at
By Emma Corbett

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