The start-ups with the potential to change your life

Social media and the accessibility of the digital world means that pretty much anyone with an idea (and a relatively steady cash-flow) can attempt life as a start-up entrepreneur. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it’s a cold, harsh world out there and that very few actually make it to the top. Investors aren’t going to pick a sub-standard company out of the crowd, and they’re certainly not going to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds into a business that they don’t believe has the power to change the world. Competition is vast, time is money and money certainly doesn’t grow on trees. But in the middle of the thousands of pounds and the thousands of people attempting to make it in the start-up world, are the businesses that we genuinely believe have the potential to change your life this year:

Altspace VR


Virtual reality is the one thing in current existence that has the potential to connect every single person on earth. Altspace VR (the company backed by the likes of Google and Dolby) aims to create the most realistic, fully immersive experience in existence, bringing people from all over the world into the same place – places that most of them will never have the chance to visit in reality. The potential for Altspace VR is infinite: no exploration or scenario is too great. The experience is said to be so immersive that traditional reality – once Altspace has been experienced – will be extremely difficult to endure.

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You know those times when you have people coming over but your house is a total tip and you just don’t have the time (or you just can’t be bothered) to sort it out? Well this is where Hassle comes in and does exactly the opposite of what it says on the time – provides you with a no hassle, all inclusive and extremely simple cleaning service – delivered straight to your door. No matter where you live, all you need to do is enter your postcode and within 60 seconds you will be matched with a pre-vetted, highly experienced cleaner in your area – and they will get every single penny of the fee.

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Magic Leap


For every single person who has ever said that the screen has ruined our generation, Magic Leap may be the answer they’ve been looking for. Widely regarded as having the potential to kill all screens we come face-to-face with on a daily basis, Magic Leap takes the idea of virtual reality one step further. The way it works (and the way it could change your life) is by customers using a head-worn display to project virtual images on the real world, by using proprietary technology to make the blend between real and virtual almost completely undetectable. While the actual technology Magic Leap uses is highly secretive, there’s no doubting that with over $540 million in funding from backers such as Google and Qualcomm, Magic Leap has the power to change the world.

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If you own a drone and have ever experienced the conundrum of clashing with someone else with similar intentions who has entered your airspace, you’ll be pleased to hear about the advent of Dedrone. The startup has just raised $10 million in venture funding for systems that monitor the skies and tell people when other drones have entered their airspace. And if you don’t fly drones for fun, Dedrone could still change your life. Imagine someone spying on you, hovering above your office taking photos or hacking into and stealing your data, dropping drugs to your neighbour – and now imagine Dedrone having the capability to warn you when there’s a drone in your proximity, what kind of drone it is and while it’s there. Dedrone is for the greater good, and we genuinely feel it has the potential to make a massive different to the significantly growing number of drones that are being used for nefarious ways.

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Imagine a place you can go that’s going to provide absolutely everything you need at the click of a button, a digital personal assistant that is set to become your one-stop shop for pretty much anything. And there’s nothing complicated about it – you literally just send a text message to GoButler’s number and your wish is there command. There’s nothing to elaborate or extreme – from booking your next luxury holiday to delivering your pizza to doing your supermarket shopping. This is bound to be the one app that’s going to change your life almost immediately, and at absolutely no cost whatsoever.

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All photos from their respective companies. Main image: Magic Leap

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