9 May 2021

“Fundamentally, culture comes from our streets”

Inside the Retail Revolution with Ross Bailey, Luca Faloni & Archie Hewlett

On a special episode of the podcast we talk to three figures from the world of retail about the quiet revolution taking place on our streets. Ross Bailey is the founder of Appear Here, the venue marketplace for shops, pop-ups, and just about anything else; Luca Faloni is the founder of the beautiful Italian outfitter that shares his name; and Archie Hewlett is the founder of London footwear label Duke + Dexter. It is a fascinating conversation with three entrepreneurs who live and breathe these issues every day — and they tell us how our high streets might look in the near future; why certain brands have ridden out the storm and others have sunk; the shopping gimmicks that they’re tired of seeing; and why, in fact, we should cancel the word ‘retail’ altogether.