How to be a millionaire in your early 20s, according to a man who’s done it

Tucker Hughes is a director in his family’s commercial real-estate business. He openly admits to be an overachiever – he finished his master’s degree at 20, after fast-tracking four years of school, travelled to more than 50 countries and completed 13 triathlons. Yet, when it came to launch the business’ new office in California’s Orange County, the first couple of months were difficult – in his words, “brutal”. Last year though, Hughes, 22, cleared a million dollars in commissions, beating competitors twice his age and with significantly more experience in the industry. These are the mental shifts that foreshadowed his success.

Age is just a number

“Embrace your youth wholeheartedly. If you spin your age as an asset, which can be done in a variety of ways, it can be an extremely powerful differentiator. The moment you begin to give yourself an excuse for not being successful is the moment of almost certain failure… There is nothing people want to see more than a hard-working, intelligent and dedicated young professional who succeeds.”

Reinvest in yourself

“The safest investment I’ve ever made is in my future. Read at least 30 minutes a day, listen to relevant podcasts while driving and seek out mentors vigorously… Consume knowledge like air and put your pursuit of learning above all else. I also believe that it is critically important to spoil yourself to a healthy extreme in order to reward your hard work and avoid burnout.”

Avoid decision fatigue

“Attention is a finite daily resource and can be a bottleneck on productivity… Conserve your mental power by making easily reversible decisions as quickly as possible and aggressively planning recurring actions so you can execute simple tasks on autopilot. I know what I am wearing to work and eating for breakfast each day next week. Do you?”

Build a resilient mind

“The biggest differentiator between mediocrity and meteoric success is the ability to work productively for hours at a time. These long stretches are when important work is almost exclusively completed… Fast track your skills by being mindful of distractions and recognising when you begin to wander out of focus. Perform a thorough analysis of your daily activities each night and aggressively seek opportunities for improvement.”

Think big. Be big

“If you don’t already have your one-, five- and 10-year goals written out and visible to you on a daily basis, do so right now. I read mine the second I wake up every single morning. Now ask yourself, what would have to happen to accomplish your 10-year goals in just one year?”

Be methodical

“Plan your work and then work your plan… [develop] rigid organisational systems that help improve your efficiency when faced with repetitive tasks.”

Believe in yourself

“If not you, then who? Someone has to make it, and nothing is stopping you from being the person who accomplishes your wildest dreams. Nearly every person who has ever failed has had an excuse. Successful people have stories of the challenges that they overcame with creative solutions… If you still aren’t sure how to begin, start with a promise to work towards the achievement of consistent excellence each moment of every day. This is the basic building block and mentality with which I am building my career.”


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