The leather goods every gentleman should be investing in

It’s no secret that you often get what you pay for. Forking out that bit extra for genuine leather is always a better purchase than any imitation product. Leather has the glorious property of getting better with age, developing a number of distinguishing features individual to the owner’s habits over time. Properly cared for, it’ll last years, if not decades, possibly even a lifetime. These are the pieces particularly worth emptying out your wallet for:


Starting with your cash and card mule, if you’re still carrying around something that’s velcro, has a union jack flag and/or is made of something other than leather, it’s time for an upgrade. My personal recommendation would be a sleek and simple cardholder, although the classic billfold still has its merits.


Let’s talk town and country for a second. Whilst the backpack is having a moment in the menswear limelight, currently on the back of style mavens throughout the capital, there are only ever two bags a gentleman actually needs. The briefcase for the 9 to 5 and a holdall for weekends away or overnight trips.


As the winter gets more merciless and morning temperatures become a notch under brisk, don’t sacrifice style for the sake of warmth. A pair of timeless leather gloves in a dark hue will keep your phalanges out of the cold. Pair discerningly with a suit, unlike those bulky ski specimens.


Frankly, shoes are one way to tell the measure of a gentleman – along with his car and watch. Arriving to work in anything that isn’t cut from hide should really be raising questions and rectified immediately, no questions asked.


The devil is in the detail and, sartorially speaking, we’re worshiping at the altar of Satan himself. With a shirt tucked in, a belt comes to prominence, and whilst you shouldn’t need one to hold your waistband up, if your trousers have belt loops and their visible, they should be filled – and not by something that looks like you’ve been kicked through Abercrombie & Fitch backwards. Remember the cardinal rule also; match the colour of your belt to that of your shoes.


An instrument of cool wielded by many an icon down the years, the leather jacket, when done right, is the ultimate in on-point, off-duty dressing. Channel classic Brando or McQueen by keeping it 100% leather, in either a classic biker silhouette moulded on the Schott Perfecto, or something less rebellious and more collared.

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