Is this the coolest invention ever?

For years, engineers have been trying to make the hoverboard – the cinematic icon of the future – a reality. Said engineers efforts have even been documented on The Gentleman’s Journal.

Well today is the day we can say that Zapata Racing, owned by French Jet Ski Champion Franky Zapata, have finally done it. Enter the Flyboard. Using a jet ski motor, this incredible toy sucks up water before expelling it out the back, propelling the rider forwards and upwards using the force of the jets. For a skilled “hoverboarder” (yes, this will soon be a noun used commonly in the English language), this will mean launching to fantastic heights (16ft), speeds (23mph) with the potential for mind-bending tricks. Just watch the video! This is the summer must have for snowboarders, surfers and any other adrenalin addicts looking to experience the thrill of flight.

The basic Flyboard kit costs $5850 (£3440) but they are also avalible to rent. For more information, visit


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