The investment pieces you need in your wardrobe

There are huge differences between fashion and style. Fashion is momentary and as Oscar Wilde famously said, is a ‘form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months’.

Style on the other hand is eternal. It transcends time periods, forgoes fads and laughs in the face of trends. Plenty of brands have built reputations around timeless style and their prices reflect this. Investing in them will be worth it though, as you’ll receive a garment that could potentially last a lifetime.

These investment pieces will take you through season after season, becoming your signature garments that will only get better with age. Whilst the initial cost may be painful, you’ll be reminded of the quality every time you wear them and, in the long run, they may even save you money, as you’ll only need to invest once. If you’re going to push the boat out then these are the pieces you should buy.

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