How To Get A Girlfriend For The Summer

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It’s a romantic notion we know, but one that never really fades. Moon-lit walks on the beach or through a buzzing city, enjoying al fresco dining under the stars, or simply spending the weekend laying in a park drinking Pimm’s from plastic glasses. A relationship in the summer is one to behold, but it doesn’t just happen over night. If you, like many a young Gentleman, have been busy with work and friends, but feel a yearning for something else – something more meaningful in your life, then this is the guide for you. How to get a girlfriend for the summer.

Men who think that girls who are GFA (girlfriend appropriate) don’t hang out in bars on a Thursday night are wrong. They do. Please do, however, bear in mind that nothing good ever happens after midnight  – ok that’s not entirely true lots of good stuff happens after midnight, but for the sake of this article just believe us.  So whilst the girl dancing on bar stool at 4am may not turn out to be the girlfriend you’d always hoped for, the chatty girls over by the bar at 11:30 may be just as keen for a summer relationship as you are.

Much like winning the lottery – you have to be in it to win it! Whether it’s at work, on your daily commute, in a supermarket, bar or club, there are single GFA girls everywhere, so the odds are very much in your favour. There are a few simple ways to increase your chances of getting a girlfriend for the summer, and here they are – plain and simple…


It may seem an obvious one, but you’d be shocked by the number of men who sit at home waxing lyrical about wanting a girlfriend as they tuck into a slice of pizza and crack open a beer on the sofa. You’re not going to meet your next girlfriend from the comfort of your sitting room, no matter what Tinder might tell you.



As with going out, don’t just set your sights and focus all your attention on one girl when there are plenty of other options around. Chat to as many women as you can, see if you ‘click’ and if so ask for her number. The more women you approach, the more likely you are to find ‘the one’ – it’s the logic of conversion.



If a girl has given you her number, the likelihood is she is keen to see you again – she wouldn’t give it so you could become virtual pen-pals. So when you wake up after a weekend of bar hopping and number swapping, text her! It’s that simple. Girls will always be flattered by being asked out and if she says no then fine – onto the next – because you’ve got lot of numbers from lots of girls, remember.



It might seem ungentlemanly, but you should never put all your eggs in one basket, so date a couple of girls at the same time. As long as you’re not sleeping with them all or leading someone on, then it’s completely legitimate to have a few girls ‘on the roster’, so to speak. Women do exactly the same thing, so don’t feel bad about it and keep your options open. If you’re not feeling a spark after 3 dates then time to let them down gently – if you’re not feeling the chemistry then the likelihood is nor is she.



If you are unsure of your feelings, then don’t mess around with hers. Once you’ve approached, messaged and dated said girls, then follow your gut felling on ‘the one’. Break all ties with anyone else you were dating (in a kind and gentlemanly manner), and make it exclusive before someone else does.



Well that’s the easy bit sorted for you gents, the next part is trying to keep her – but we’ll save that for another day. Until then, get out, meet up with them and follow up as much as is humanly possible, and you will be sure to find the perfect girlfriend in time for a summer of fun.



Holly Macnaghten is the Fashion Director at The Gentleman's Journal

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