How much does money matter to women?

Let’s talk about luck. ‘Random opening?’ I hear you question my thought process. Well, yes, in fact, luck is random and success is too. Every self-made and wealthy person I have ever spoken to, nine times out of ten their success is due to chance. It comes down to being in the right place at the right time, working hard and getting a break. Really, we all start life with the same opportunity. Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book Fooled by Randomness talks of life’s probability. We must remember that everyone has equal opportunities waiting for them in life, and your wealth is what you make of them. Find them, look for it all, be hungry gents.

Wealth is attractive. It proves that whoever ‘he’ is has worked hard when he was given the chance to, got up and gone, and no doubt leads a pleasant lifestyle. Women take some security in financial stability, a generous man, that spoilt feeling. These are women who appreciate a man’s efforts and are aware of the above. They feel flattered, embarrassed, conscious of expense yet accept a man’s kindness with grace. These women, gentlemen, are a catch.

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That said some do not appreciate generosity, rather, they’re greedy and self-indulgent. Familiar you say? They are obvious enough… Fake smiles, long legs, badly died hair, cheap but ‘acceptable’ dresses, prowling around men in wonderful suits. Of course she was attractive, laughing at every joke you made, asking you about yourself and touching you here, there, and everywhere. She had a genuine interest in your global investment bank and the clever terminology you used. They have done it far too many times. What you said sounded like Latin and the only thing she enjoyed was your dull monologue in which you stamped yourself as RICH. Gold Diggers are a dangerous breed. She may be bright blonde haired with boobs better than balloons and an arse that smiles at you each night. You tell your friends ‘I am so lucky, I can’t understand what she wants with me?!’ Your money. Don’t be naive gents.

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Money is not key though. Every woman loves a man with charm, humour, kindness, sensitivity and manners. They are all things that no amount of money can buy. You do not have to be wealthy to make a woman feel adored, happy and special. Character overrides any amount of wealth, and good looks. The full package exactly that. Character, looks and wealth. Let’s be honest though, no one can claim they have it all, because the beauty of the human race is that each of us feel differently towards many things and it is personal.

Celebrities Attend The New Jersey Nets v New York Knicks Game - February 20, 2012

Wealth is a bonus but I have some advice for those of you who have copious assets in the bank. Never give the game away too quickly. Continue to dress to the nines with elegance and taste, buy her drinks at the bar, but when things gets serious you must think more carefully. Never start high. If you whisk her off in a chauffeur driven car to The Wolseley and sit her down next to Eric Clapton, checking out after a bill of £500 consumed on succulent meats and vin rouge, you’re in trouble. The wrong first impression, she will get a sniff of what’s to come and only expect bigger and better. Spend your money with caution when a girl’s eyes are watching and that way you will gently deliver the delights. Slow and steady wins the race…

Lastly, the world is a changed place today. No longer are men necessarily the bread winners. An unconventional era in history, today both halves can bring things to the table, financial rewards included.

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