4 minutes with Henry Cavill

Being a gentleman, we would argue, doesn’t necessarily involve being wealthy, successful, talented, well-dressed, physically fit and handsome (though it clearly doesn’t hurt). Despite having all these qualities, Henry Cavill impressed us for an altogether different reason – his persistence and hard work. 

He spent years scrapping around struggling to find his big break as an actor, famously losing out at the last minute for roles in Harry Potter, James Bond, Batman and – most crushingly of all – Superman, first time around.


While he was waiting, he kept plugging away, working in a bar in London and a nightclub (Liquid) in Jersey to pay for flights to LA. Now there’s no stopping him: from Man of Steel to The Man from UNCLE via hit transatlantic TV smash The Tudors, his career is soaring (in more ways than one).

Speaking at the launch of Huawei’s new P9 smartphone (it’s got a Leica camera to die for built in to it), he spoke about his experiences so far. 


You started acting young and then overnight you became hugely famous. Was making that transition difficult?

It’s not everything you want. You can never expect it but you know what might happen. It was definitely a change. There was a large exposure to fame very, very quickly. You can never be expecting it. You can understand what might happen. It was not a complete shock but it was a change. There is ups and downs.

What’s your favourite place to travel?

Couldn’t say any one particular place. We shot the commercial for this phone in New Zealand. It is a spectacularly beautiful country and I would love to go back there and take some shots.

You worked with Mario Testino while shooting the advert, what was he like?

Mario is very good at relaxing me, and all his subjects, and bringing out their personality and style.


You’re on record as being a huge fan of fashion – what’s your go-to outfit for going out?

I consider jeans casual. If I’m going to the pub or dinner it’s jeans and shoes and a shirt or maybe a sweater. I love a Chelsea boot to soften up a look with a suit and I love Dunhill, in particular.

How do you unwind?

I love computer games. I am looking forward to any war games. You get to the battle stuff and the strategy which allows for a longer playing experience.

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