Hardy Amies open Savile Row flagship store

In his lifetime, Hardy Amies was one of the true pioneers of modern men’s fashion. He brought ready-to-wear clothing to the forefront during the sixties and even held the first ever men’s catwalk show in ’61. As a brand, Hardy Amies’ vision echoes the founder’s eclectic, forward-thinking nature and with the opening of their new Savile Row flagship store they’ve cemented their position as one of the most important British clothing brands.

Previously located at number 14, Hardy Amies have now moved to number 8 Savile Row. The new store has been designed in partnership with the esteemed design house Universal Design Studio, creating a thoroughly modern space that manages to perfectly encapsulate London’s dynamic, and without a single cliche in sight. Hardy Amies CEO Tony Yusuf said, ‘I wanted the new store to absolutey exude the mood of the capital. To me, what makes London so interesting is its eclectic mix – of old and new. I wanted the new store not to be about what London was, but about what London is.’

There are three distinct zones within the new store. These include ready-to-wear, evening and formal wear and accessories including shoe horns, clothes brushes and tweed and leather bags. The opening of the store marks a new chapter in the ever evolving world of Hardy Amies. We can’t wait to see what they have planned next.

For more information, visit Hardy Amies website here.

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