The grooming trends every gentleman needs to get behind

Trends: they come and they go. More often than not, they stay as trends and are short-lived and forgotten about months later. Sometimes, they live on and are resurrected years later. When it comes to grooming, there is so much information out there that it can be almost impossible to make sense of what we should be wearing, eating, drinking or putting on our faces – but which should you listen to?

The rise of the all-in-one

No gentleman wants to spend as long as his girlfriend in the bathroom, and nor should he have to. While it’s highly recommended that you start cleansing, toning moisturising and taking an all-round interest in your skin from an early age, you shouldn’t have to spend hours in the bathroom to achieve the perfect complexion. So enter the all-in-one: the single product that does multiple jobs for you. A moisturiser that also promises a host of anti-ageing benefits? A face wash that’s also an exfoliator? Count us in…




The power of vitamins

And we’re not talking about the kind your mother forced down your throat as a child. We’re talking about the products that are being created through the grooming industry as a whole that are going back to the routes of the ingredients that are actually good for us: starting and ending with vitamins.



Because men age too

Yes, this isn’t rocket science. But for some reason it’s always been a bit of a taboo for men to care about the fact that their skin is ageing – that it’s something that women should have to worry about. This isn’t true, gentlemen. You’re ageing at the same rate as your female counterparts (quicker, if you haven’t bothered picking up a moisturiser until now), and it’s time to do something about it.



Treating your beard right

Beards: tricky territory and a facial accessory that divides the masses right down the middle. How long is too long? How thick is too thick? If you have the means, and your job allows it, it’s worth experimenting with your beard. But if you do, you have to keep it in check the same way that you would the hair on top of your head. Here’s how:



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