Grooming – How to perfect the ‘Dishevelled’ Hairstyle

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Women have been doing it for years, you know what we’re talking about Gentlemen, that ‘just rolled out of bed’ hair, or ‘morning after the night before’ make-up.  The kind of look that screams sex-appeal, low-maintance and is full of that ‘I don’t care what you think’ attitude, but actually (news flash alert) takes serious amounts of well thought out styling and a cabinet full of products.  This season, however is the turn of the boys.  Gone are the days of the slicked back, perfectly groomed style, as we welcome in the new ‘dishevelled’ look.  Popularised by the likes of James Franco, Orlando Bloom and many of the young hot actors of now (think Alex Pettyfer, Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron), this look is taking the male grooming world by storm. Not just for the young though, as this look has the ability to knock years off your actual age and, if done right, can reduce your morning routine by half.

Before we get started, let us just stress that this look is more ‘tousled’ than simply ‘messy’.  It is by no means a free pass to stop all hair hygiene and ditch the combs for good.

Think of it as more of a polished bed-head. This hairstyle also goes perfectly with a more tailored look, so keep suiting sharp and shoes polished. A bit of well-groomed stubble also goes hand-in-hand with this hairstyle.

Get your hairdresser or stylist to keep sides short (but not shaved), and leave length on top (around 3 – 4 inches).  They should be holding the shears at a 90 degree angle to create small notches and imperfect lines, thus just the right amount of texture.

When it comes to styling your look, apply a texturizing mousse or spray to still-damp roots, and use your fingers to massage the product evenly throughout.  If you really want to get this look right, then we suggest you use a hairdryer, rough dry it to create volume on top, and then whilst grabbing small sections, twist the hair up whilst blow-drying.  Add a light-weight gel or texturising wax and roughly rub through your hair – and voilà– you have successfully achieved the perfectly dishevelled look.

Note: To maintain this look you shouldn’t wash your hair more than 3 times a week, as the natural oils in your hair will help this look on their own.  Plus – try stealing your girlfriends dry shampoo to add even more texture before leaving the house in the mornings, or for perking up your look in the evening.

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