Great Gifts for Her: Knightsbridge Rocks

knightsbridge2- TGJ.01Interestingly, nowadays, with the amount of choice on the jewellery market, it can actually be harder to find the piece you are looking for. Yes there are plenty of outlets to choose from – established jewellers, boutiques and up and coming brands – but there are so many criteria to choose from. Investment piece of trend led? Contemporary or traditional? Diamonds or gemstones? Luckily, Knightsbridge Rocks covers all these sartorial questions.

Knightsbridge Rocks is a handpicked collection of fine jewellery from Katie Kelly and Brenda Tuohy. Both with backgrounds in fashion and business, Kelly has an MBA from Edinburgh University and specialises in London’s Luxury Lifestyle fashion sectors whilst Tuohy lives and breathes fashion as a stylist and jewellery consultant. Their collection incapsulates everything that is style, sophistication and beauty. An artfully curated selection of stunning cocktail rings, statement necklaces, pretty bracelets and diamond earrings, each piece is  uniquely interesting, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and stunningly crafted. Our favourites include the Abstract Gold and Sapphire Necklace for £2,250 and the Oriental Dream Natural Jade, Diamond, Emerald and Ruby Ear Pendants for £5,250.

Kelly and Tuohy’s instinctual eye has led them to source their jewellery from an intricate network of estate sales, auctions, dealers and private collections with an ongoing goal to access the best in vintage and contemporary jewels. Their pieces represent perfect gifts for a female loved one looking for a uniquely stunning piece that she will treasure for a lifetime.

By Victoria Gardiner 

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