A gentleman’s guide to underwear

Now, we discuss gentleman’s style a lot at The Gentleman’s Journal, from suiting to footwear and overcoats to cashmere – little goes unnoticed – and therefore we believe underwear should also be included in this category. Ok, so perhaps underwear isn’t typically considered a style, or stylish, but we are all well aware that nice underwear goes a long way. Not only does it feel comfortable and handle your manhood well, but it makes your love-life better too (no woman wants to see you wearing the old, faded and mildly-torn pants you’ve owned for the past 5 years, do they?)

Every gentleman is different, some like briefs, others boxer-briefs and many boxer shorts. But we believe the best underwear, and the ones that every gentleman should be buying, are boxer-briefs. So to help you firmly on your way, here are some of the best out there.

Calvin Klein

Perhaps one of the most famous brands out there for men’s underwear, Calvin Klein has risen to the top of the leaderboard, and for a good reason too. Its stretch-cotton material is superbly supportive, very well fitting and good-looking, too. With a very reasonable price-point, give these a go.

Calvin Klein Underwear The Gentleman's Journal

Calvin Klein Boxer-briefs, £36

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is, as we are well aware, one of the most successful brands in the world. The high-quality garments are worn the world over, so it’s little wonder they know a thing or two about underwear. Try these on for size: we’re sure you’ll love them.

Ralph Lauren Underwear The Gentleman's Journal

Polo Ralph Lauren Boxer-briefs, £40

Hugo Boss

Much like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss are also true purveyors of the men’s underwear phenomenon. These boxer-briefs will, above all else, hold your manhood with unprecedented support, making them well worth a try.

Hugo Boss Underwear The Gentleman's Journal

Hugo Boss Boxer-briefs, £35

Björn Borg

Once a famed Tennis player, Björn Borg has since crafted an impressive business in the underwear market. Deciding that underwear should be highly supportive, especially for those playing sports, Borg now holds an eclectic space in the market. From classic to colourful, there is a pair for all.

Bjorn Borg Underwear The Gentleman's Journal

Björn Borg Boxer-briefs, £45

Emporio Armani

Finally, Emporio Armani offer a touch of decadence to your underwear collection. Certainly more garish, they are still perfectly suited to the everyday essentials. High-quality, very supportive and not too shabby on the eye, these may well be the ones for you.

Emporio Armarni Underwear The Gentleman's Journal

Emporio Armani Boxer-briefs, £38

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Hugh Francis Anderson

Hugh Francis Anderson

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