A gentleman’s guide to dressing properly for Glastonbury

Glastonbury: probably the most renowned music festival in England, and an occasion that causes many an outfit conundrum. The trouble with festivals is that people think far too much about what’s ‘cool’ or what the man of the moment wore to the same festival last year. And while yes, it’s good to look to others for moments of inspiration, Glastonbury should be as much about practicality as it is style.

When the weather isn’t on your side

One thing that’s inevitable about going to a festival in England (even if it is in June), is that the heavens are likely going to open and you’re going to find yourself soaking wet in a matter of moments. Almost everything at Glastonbury is entirely outdoors, so it’s going to be hard to take cover once that first drop of rain falls. Cover up in style with these:


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