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G-Pod: The business redefining small-scale building

Born from a partnership between architect Dan Sparks and the Bridgewater Group, those involved with the creation of G-Pod have extensive experience in the complex worlds of prefabricated building, specialised container manufacturing and developing highly technical products in China. Essentially, their concentrated, combined expertise has culminated in innovation of the highest order to produce a unique and unparalleled building solution.


 The Dwell, Interior

G-Pods have been formed with sustainability in mind; yet still remain a truly global product at heart. Unlike so many forms of transportable or containerised dwellings, they’ve been designed from the ground up. Their aesthetic is as crucial as the function; Sparks’ design concepts have been bought to life beautifully into a product that’s threatening to completely change the way construction works across the planet.


The Dwell, View From The Deck

Customisable to the max, there are currently 2 models available to order; the ‘Dwell’ and the ‘Pop’. Dwell is the accommodation pod, providing luxurious living anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat – and some help from a truck. We’re talking Smeg kitchen appliances, an LED projector and Harmon Kardon sound systems as standard, as well as usual amenities such as a 3G modem, and potential satellite as extra.


The Dwell, LED Projector

Whilst the focus may be on environmental sustainability through recycled materials and self-sustaining water and electricity, it’s the ingenious use of space that’s seriously special. The pod expands to an area almost 3 times its original size through pull-out sections and a fold-down deck – it can even be expanded through additional pods to create a unique networked living space. Whether it’s for a temporary housing option, a holiday home or just as a chill out area in your back yard, it doesn’t get much better than the Dwell.


The Pop, New York Render

The second product the firm have developed has been dubbed Pop. A relocatable home for businesses, this revolutionary solution takes industry truly mobile. Like the Dwell it’s easy to set up and perfect for establishing a pop-up service, as the name suggests, or it could also just as well be a permanent base for your company – all with a minimal footprint, both physically and environmentally. The Pop pods can be tailored to a client’s needs, so if you’re setting up a café in an exotic location, a retail space or just need an office away from it all, G-Pod’s got you covered.


The Pop, Sydney Render


The Pop, Café Interior

With shipping starting around the world within the year, the G-Pod revolution is very much upon us – we certainly expect to see them popping up all over the globe pretty soon.

For more information, or to get in touch about purchasing a pod, visit the G-Pod website for more information.

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