Fragrance of the week: Acqua di Parma Colonia Ambra

Of all the master fragrances Acqua di Parma concoct, their Colonia collection is arguably the most opulent. Inspired by the addictive world of Italian tailoring, the family is one of impressive balance, attention to detail and above all, class. To spray a bottle of Colonia is to experience a snapshot of Italian lifestyle in all its glory, and now there’s a new iteration, Acqua di Parma Colonia Ambra.

The Colonia collection is all about timelessness, and Ambra fits right in. Italian style is reminiscent of its food, simple but with quality infused throughout; it only needs a few key ingredients to make it work. Colonia Ambra however is about as complex as it gets. Boasting a number of expensive ingredients, it’s an eccentric blend of citrus and deep woody notes.

acqua - TGJ.02

The former arrives in the form of orange oil, bergamot, and petit grain and the latter comes through in nagarmotha, cedar wood and rosewood. It’s an intense combination, but it’s not finished there. Ambra will develop with wear throughout the day, eventually revealing musky patchouli and even vanilla, yet it does have one constant.

acqua - TGJ.03

The main ingredient and one that inspires its name is ambergris. A rare natural ingredient, ambergris is formed spontaneously by marine mammals and can be found on ocean shores in crystal form. Ambergris can float on the surface of the sea for up to twenty years before it forms on the shore, making it incredibly expensive and highly sought after. It’s therapeutic elements and aphrodisiac qualities have cemented its properties over the centuries, but in perfumery it’s known for its ‘peculiar salty, musky, wet earth notes, by which is is sought out as a seductive and intense component of the most exquisite fragrances’. Basically gents, wear this and the ladies will line up.

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