Five winning ties to get you noticed in the boardroom

A friend who works in the city was recently pulled aside by his manager and asked to tone done down his ‘flashy style’, perhaps the tasselled loafers and obviously designer ties were not as appropriate as he first thought. Equally another friend often tells of how it is an unwritten rule that only the very senior partners are allowed to wear bespoke suits. Whatever your office attire, I think we can all agree that flash is out, instead it should be about understated and classic style. But how, might you ask, can you then express any ounce of personality? Well gents, the easiest option is through your tie. Nothing garish of course, but a bright colour, or comical pattern is the perfect antidote to pin tripes and boredom in the boardroom, so take your pick from 5 of our favourites.


Hermes Ties - TGJ
This stunning silk twill tie from Hermes is sure to get you noticed in the office – in the right way of course – the hand-folded luxurious silk in fuchsia pink depicts ‘the aerial encounter of a bird and an aeroplane’. £140,



Red Tie - TGJ Marwood - TGJ

Marwood is a brand we, here at The Gentleman’s Journal, have followed from their humble begins a few years back, and their designs and fabrics keep on getting better and better. This unique red textured silk tie might seem like a less formal option, but worn with the right suit and tie can still carry you from office to meeting and onto the pub in perfect style. £110



Charvet Tie - TGJ
Another possibly less formal looking option, but when it comes from a brand as highly regarded as Charvet, you know you’re doing things right. With a heavy helping of Parisian style and classic fold, this blue option is an absolute wardrobe essential. £150



Green Tie - TGJ
This strong green solid colour certainly packs a punch, the hand-rolled woven large knot grenadine from Drake’s is as stylish as it is boardroom appropriate. Wear with a heavy dose of confidence.  £115,



Hermes - TGJ

Similarly to Hermes, this tie is full of wit and boyish charm, making it the perfect way to catch someones attention in the office. Beautifully made and humorously patterned, there will be no missing this in the boardroom. £119,



Holly Macnaghten is the Fashion Director at The Gentleman's Journal

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