The facial products that every gentleman should use

“You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset,” says Tom Hopkins, and we couldn’t agree more. Men’s grooming is big business in the current market, with a plethora of varying products and brands to whet even the most vain grooming palates. At The Gentleman’s Journal, we think superior grooming is a vital part of personifying the modern gentleman, but also believe that it must always be done in a refined, non-over-the-top manner. We have searched far and wide to find some of the best, most exclusive facial grooming products that every gentleman should be using.

Face Wash

Face wash is an important part of the grooming routine. It removes dead skin, dirt and excess oils to leave your face feeling natural and free. Every gentleman should use a face wash as part of their daily grooming routine, and what better than London’s own Bamford Grooming Department? A relatively new brand with a depth of knowledge, its face wash is one of the best.

Bamford Facial Products The Gentleman's Journal

Exfoliating Face Wash, £25

Eye Cream

Perhaps the king of London’s fragrance and grooming industry, Floris has been in existence, and family owned, since 1730. If you’re looking for a brand with undisputed provenance, you’ll find it with Floris. The masters of fragrances, they also produce some of the best grooming products too. This eye cream is a grooming essential, and will help keep those tired eyes looking pert for many years to come.

Floris Facial Products The Gentleman's Journal

Eye Cream, £30


Perhaps one of the most important aspects to facial care is a formidable moisturiser, and Hunter Lab are one of the best. An Australian brand steeped in health consciousness and dedication to using entirely natural products, its face cream is impeccable. For hydration throughout the day, and the knowledge that only the best ingredients have been used, Hunter Lab is the moisturiser for you.

Hunter Lab Facial Products The Gentleman's Journal

Daily Face Fuel, £34 


A little know treasure, face oil is a vital addition to every gentleman’s daily routine. For those who are bearded, it will nourish the facial hair and keep it hydrated and smooth, and for those clean-shaven, it will hydrate the skin brilliantly – and last all day too. Penhaligon’s produce some of the most fragrant, masculine scented products on the market, and its oil is one of the best.

Penhaligons Facial Products The Gentleman's Journal

Bayolea Beard & Shave Oil, £45


Now, perhaps not a product immediately considered something for the daily grooming routine is a face cleanser. Clinique have produced a groundbreaking sonic power brush to give you a deep clean that’s simply not achievable with the hands. It’s also great to use pre-shave for a smoother, closer cut.

Clinique Facial Product The Gentleman's Journal

Sonic System Cleansing Brush, £79


We understand that many gentlemen out there are very busy, so taking the time to independently find grooming products can often be hard. Instead, opt for an expertly selected kit which includes everything a modern gentleman could possibly need. From oils to creams and gels to washes, this grooming kit from Mr Porter is the perfect purchase for you.

Mr Porter Facial Products The Gentleman's Journal

Grooming Kit, £50

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