Chivas Regal and Savile Row Bespoke present Open Row

The prestigious Savile Row is to tailoring what the ocean is to a blue whale. It’s been around seemingly forever and it’s an intrinsic part of one of Britain’s most important industries, keeping its heart beating at a more than steady rate. Chivas Regal have recognised this and teamed up with the Savile Row Bespoke Association to open up the famous street after-hours, at an exclusive evening of sartorial prowess and whisky tasting.

Whilst it may not seem like it, the worlds of whisky and tailoring are bound by similar traits. Both enjoy a rich history and tradition, and the craft behind each is a celebrated skill, known only by true experts in their fields. These notions will play big parts in the Chivas Regal and Savile Row Bespoke Association evening, as a number of tailoring houses open their doors inviting visitors to experience presentations, workshops and style advice.

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Chivas’ presence will be felt throughout too, as they’re offering a number of tasting options on the night. You can sample a Chivas 18- to 25-year-old hosted by master blender Colin Scott, as well as Chivas cocktails from a Savile Row inspired menu. Elsewhere, a unique aroma experience will be on offer from Royal Salute and a Boisdale cocktail bar will be serving one-off concoctions. In short, there will be plenty of drink for all.

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With some of tailoring’s most respected names, Savile Row is a must-visit destination for the modern gentleman. Participating houses in this year’s event include Alexander McQueen, Davies & Sons, Dege & Skinner, Hardy Amies, Henry Poole & Co, H.Hunstman & Sons, Kilgour, Meyer & Mortimer, Norton & Sons, Richard James, Welsh & Jeffries and Lutwyche. With such a diverse line-up, Open Row is set to be an exciting event, and with guests being offered up to 20% off specific bespoke orders, one you won’t want to miss.

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