Cars – 3 of the Best Armored Cars

You don’t have to watch the news to learn that the streets aren’t safe any more. Even for the average person, stepping out just ain’t like it used to be but for head’s of state, mafia bosses and Justin Bieber, getting around is like holidaying in Helmand Province.

Fortunately, it seems everything has a price and rolling protection is no exception. Here are three meaty motors that’ll happily shrug off the occasional hand grenade and wouldn’t dream of letting a Kalashnikov interrupt your daily commute.


Armoured Car  - TGJ.02Based in the UK? Best keep it British with the Jaguar XJ Sentinel then. The car of choice for non other than David Cameron, the XJ Sentinel’s inner-shell is constructed from Kevlar and high-strength steel, which is virtually undetectable from the outside of the car. With power spawning from the 5.0-litre V8 transplanted from the XJ Supersport, you’d assume the Sentinel was no sitting duck, but all the added weight means the armored XJ will reach 62mph in a comparatively wheezy 9.2 seconds. Keeping it all very British, Jaguar doesn’t disclose the price of the XJ Sentinel but states that it will offer special buying guidance from a ‘dedicated security consultant’, in addition to after-sales care. Just don’t be expecting them to patch it up when things go sour while visiting your African mining operation.

Price: Undisclosed.
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Armourder Car - TGJ.01
Built by Carat Duchatelet, the luxury branch of Carat Security, this modified Mulsanne has been lengthened by 65cm and craftily clad with ballistic armor capable of defeating even the most determined of hand guns, grenades and assault rifles. Should your foe be packing plastic explosives, then fear not as the Carat Mulsanne boasts a B7 armor specification that will withstand a blast from up to 15kg of TNT, just in case the on-board bomb detection system hasn’t picked it up already. Only available in China, Carat offer optional extras such as a self-sealing fuel tank, emergency fresh air supply and, oh yes, two-tone paint. Now there’s the deal clincher.

From £1.55 million.
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Armoured car - TGJ.03
Now, if you’re bowling round in this then you’ve obviously got some serious beef. Run a Columbian drugs cartel? Then you might fancy flicking through the brochure of the Conquest Knight XV. Needless to say, the Knight comes equipped with B7 specification armor which will fend off the likes of NATO-grade firearms and the common Kalashnikov. For added peace of mind, you can equip four body-mounted surveillance cameras, a siren and two-way PA system should you want to make your feelings known to your captors, and protection against chemical warfare. Come up against a siege? No problem, the Knight packs a 27 inch TV, PS3 and its own emergency air supply in the back just in case.

From £382,400.
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By Rory FH Smith

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