You can wear trainers with a suit, honestly

Trainers paired with tailoring has long been stigmatised as the commuters’ folly, a point of sartorial ridicule and not without reason either. The look is the ultimate menswear juxtaposition, a wardrobe contradiction, it’s the most formal and the least unapologetically put together; a mismatch of a couple that are hardly destined for a long and happy marriage, a summer fling perhaps, but nothing more. But then again, some rules are there to be broken, opposites attract and all the other clichés in the book…

Despite the missteps committed daily on city transport, suits and trainers work — on certain conditions. Your shiny suit for one, isn’t a candidate to let its hair down, and those neon, clunky (but comfortable) gym trainers certainly aren’t in line for a promotion.

Suits with trainers mango man 2014 - the gentlemans journal

(Mango Man Autumn/Winter 2014)

The suit should be cut of a more relaxed ilk, soft shouldered and at the very least made of a natural, tactile fabric: hopsack, cotton, wool and the like. Opting for a less conventional hue will also bring the formality down a notch, essential for not getting caught in the commuter club. A khaki, petrol blue are great options, whilst navy is, without fail, a safe bet.

Trousers that break just before the foot work best, pooling over the laces is poor etiquette at the best of times, when attempting such a risky style move, it’s straight up catastrophic.


When it comes to the trainers, side with something minimal, a little more mature and refined and in a colour that won’t scream for all of the intention. White is the obvious choice, a pair of Converse Jack Purcells, Adidas Stan Smiths or Common Projects the fashion conscious gents’ usual choice for such a play.



With the rest of your look, ditch the tie, keep the pocket square for the panache and if you’re really going for the high-low combination, swap the shirt for a t-shirt.

Recommend outfits:


(Main image: Adam Katz Sinding)

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