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A gentleman’s guide to body hair

When it comes to grooming, women know what they want. Don’t forget, we’ve been primping and priming for centuries now, so you’d do well to listen to us. Granted, we may not know the best way to shave a face or scape chest hair, but we do know what we like on men and considering we’re the ones that have to look at you all day, why not find out what it is that women really want…

While the time of the Lumbersexual may be coming to much needed end, the beard (in certain forms) still reigns supreme. With more and more dapper gents sporting a well sculpted beard and pairing it effortlessly with a tailored suit, there’s really no excuse to not give one a chance this season – just make sure it’s tidy and well looked after, there’s nothing romantic about a stubble rash!
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Some women love a hairless chest, but unless you’re trying to channel one of the boys from Geordie Shore, most women will tell you in fact that what we really want is a man to be a man and thus to look like one, giving kudos to chest hair. If you’re extremely well covered then try a very slight trim with an all electric body razor, but the wax strips are best left to the ladies.
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The key to great eyebrows for a man is to preen them in such a way that it doesn’t look like you have preened them at all. I would heavily suggest that you book yourself into a trained salon so as to avoid over-plucking. Most men just need the odd rogue hair taken from the centre of the brows and occasionally a slight shaping.

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It might not be de rigueur to speak of such matters in public, but that’s why we’re here to help. When a woman goes through the pain and suffering of all that waxing, plucking and general body hair removal, the least a man could do is have a little tidy up down there – just saying.
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