Blitz Motorcycles – French Custom Art

From the balmy beaches of California, our quest for the ultimate in quintessential motorcycle culture, bikes and lifestyle sees us, unsurprisingly, on the streets of Paris, with the bourgeoning duo behind the infamous Blitz Motorcycles. Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel founded Blitz in 2010, in a small garage tucked away within an old car park, a notion our iconic brothers would have more than welcomed.


Bringing life back to old motorcycles in a kick-ass, raw way is what sets Blitz apart. “We conceive, customise and hand finish motorcycles to create unique, one-of-a-kind machines. Our love of old timers is no secret, so every project we undertake honours a legend while telling its own story.”


Hitting the custom scene with massive force, through a feature-length film, numerous short documentaries and fashion-collaboration campaigns, and a widespread online following, the Blitz boys have taken the industry by storm, and all under the simple propagation of sweet vintage rides. Their speciality is the reformation of BMW Boxer-Twins into one-off brat x tracker bikes.


And it doesn’t stop there. Not only are customers travelling from around the globe to grab a piece of the action, BMW themselves have collaborated with Blitz, going so far as to call their work French Custom Art; a pretty huge endorsement for a miniscule, 5-year-old Parisian bike garage. But it is abundantly clear that Blitz’s success is fundamentally because they’re just so damn cool.


It is this very coolness that entices the drooling jaws of the fashion industry, especially those companies attributing themselves to the world of Mcqueen, Dean and Brando; our blissfully mechanically suave white-t-shirt, selvedge denim wearing forbearers. Ongoing partnerships with EdwinF-B-C Tailor & Supply and Bleu de Chauffe, along with numerous own-brand products, are quickly elevating this raw garage to the precipice of cultural breakthrough and they could, quite realistically, become iconic in their own right.


What Blitz demonstrates is the grounding behind the custom scene, the philosophy of reconditioning motorcycles, and doing it with nothing more than passion and freedom for the good life. Perhaps, more importantly, the Blitz boys show us all what can be achieved when you wholeheartedly strive after your dreams.

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