Accessorise your black tie outfit this season with T.M. Lewin

As momentum builds rapidly towards the Christmas break, now’s the time to start thinking about the black tie party season. From festive parties to post-shoot dinners, there has never been a more appropriate time to purchase your black tie accessories. With this in mind, we turn to T.M. Lewin for inspiration. Founded way back in 1898 on St James’s Jermyn Street, T.M. Lewin surely know a thing or two about gentlemanly garments of the highest quality. So for the modern gent who’s looking for a little sartorial flair this black tie season, here are some of the best accessories from T.M. Lewin.

Dress Shirt Studs

Every gentleman should own a dress shirt, especially for the black tie season. This means you’ll be needing some subtle yet high-quality studs to keep your torso hidden. Try this black and silver combination.

Dress Studs TM Lewin

Black Silver Dress Shirt Studs, £17.55


The cummerbund is a black tie must. It simply won’t do to turn up to a swanky event without one. Always keep it traditional, black, and satin if possible – like this suitable number.

Cummerbund TM Lewin

Black Satin Cummerbund, £31.05


Again, the black tie attire should resonate tradition and subtlety, so an unassuming pair of cufflinks is vital to complete the look. These Onyx diamante cufflinks merge the line between traditional and contemporary perfectly.

Cufflinks TM Lewin

Onyx Diamante Cufflinks, £22.50


The bowtie is the one area of the black tie outfit that you can have a little fun with – little being the operative word here. Instead of your standard black satin bowtie, why not opt for velvet. We particularly like this one.

Bowtie TM Lewin

Black Velvet Bowtie, £22.50

Pocket Squares

Finally, the addition of a pocket square will fully complete the black tie outfit. Again, subtlety is key, but a little flash of contrasting colour will work wonders. This white dotted silk pocket square is the exact item you should be looking to purchase.

Pocket square TM Lewin

Black White Silk Pocket Square, £18

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Hugh Francis Anderson

Hugh Francis Anderson

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