5 bikes for a healthier, more stylish commute

You’d be hard-pressed to find one gentleman out there who actively enjoys commuting on public transport; the long delays, the already-stressed arrival to work and the physical interaction with strangers is something that no one deserves to be put through. But that’s about to change, gents, because it’s high time that you joined the masses and started cycling to work. We appreciate that it’s a big undertaking and therefore are not suggesting that you start riding around fully clothed in Lycra. So here are our selection of 5 bikes to make for a healthier and more stylish commute.

Brompton Bike

Perhaps the most classic and stylish bike around, the Brompton is perfect for commuters coming in from outside the city. It’s difficult to find a bike with quite this much class and style and no gentleman will look out of place on a Brompton.


Brompton bike, £785


If you’re serious about investing in an incredible bike, you need to think about Gocycle. Often hailed as the Apple of the cycling world, the bike is perfect for any gentleman who wants to cycle but who can’t really be bothered. One tiny push on the peddles and the bike will do the hard work for you, plus it looks incredibly stylish – so what’s not to love?


Gocycle, £2,700

Fuji Feather

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable and attainable to take you from home to work, this is the perfect bike for you. It’s comfortable, rideable, and will combat anything you put it through. If you’ve never cycled in the city before, this is the perfect bike for you.


Fuji Feather, £399

Dahon Jifo

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable than a Brompton (and something sturdier), this is the bike for you. This Dahon is single speed, which makes it perfect for riding around the city, and is incredibly light – and unquestionably stylish.


Dahon Jifo, £545

Dutchie Dapper

There’s always going to be a gentleman out there who prefers something a little more refined and dapper, and if that gentleman is you, then this is what you need. This is the perfect bike for commuting if you don’t have miles and miles to go, and if staying sartorially on point at all times it is essential to your daily life; invest in a Dutchie.


Dutchie Dapper, £293

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