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Somewhere between the boundaries of masculinity and metro-sexuality lies a black hole that has been left relatively untouched – until now.  TGJ were lucky enough to see the King of Cool, Mr Tom Ford, in person at LC:M last week and can report that he was just as suave in person as he is on camera.  One thing we just couldn’t quite believe is that the immaculately presented Ford is in fact 52 – but believe us when we say he doesn’t look at day over 35.  His secret? You might ask – is skin care.  He is an avid believer in grooming and the power of caring for your skin, which is why we feel it only right to announce that last month saw the launch of the much anticipated Tom Ford for Men Skincare & Grooming.  Whilst named ‘Grooming’, one can’t help but view a product or two as a slight leap into the feminine realms of, dare we say it, make-up.

Don’t click away from this post just yet, seriously Gentlemen, hear us out.  We were just as dubious too when we were first heard about it too.  That said, however, I myself have had ample experience in men using make-up, or committing to vigorous skin care regimes.  From a friends ex-boyfriends’ secret stash of YSL’s Touché Éclat in his dorm-room at school and boys at University ‘accidentally’ using self tanning moisturiser all semester or sheepishly exiting sun-bed parlours between lectures, to the boys who secretly don a touch of subtle eyeliner on nights out, steal their girlfriends straighteners and have a larger grooming stash than many of of my female friends.  This is the continued rise of the metrosexual man, and it shows no sign of waining.

So before you recoil in disgust, take comfort in the fact that you are a man of the 21st Century, not confined to the roles of simply washing your face with water and shaving only when you begin to resemble a cave-dwelling Neanderthal.  The Tom Ford grooming range includes the more expected staples such as moisturiser, cleanser, serum and an eye treatment – all ok so far?  The more adventurous items, however, include a lip balm, mud mask, concealer and bronzer.  If you’ve ever wondered how your girlfriend can look so fresh faced post a night of excess or after a 12 hour flight, then this Gentlemen is your answer.  We all know that a tan makes everyone look healthier – step up Tom Ford Bronzing Gel – easy to apply, subtle and will have you looking fresh faced and energised in moments.  The other tell-tale sign of a late night is dark circles under the eyes – may we present Tom Ford Concealer for Men – discrete in size, you can slip this into a pocket or bag for a quick fix at any point in the day.  The worst part of winter is arguably chapped lips, so what better than the Tom Ford Hydrating Lip Balm – be warmed though, as this is just the sort of thing your girlfriend will be pinching at any given opportunity.

The actual bathroom products are as luxurious as you would expect from Mr Ford, with a purifying Face Cleanser,  Mud Mask and intensely hydrating daily moisturiser.  If you’re still a little dubious then the packaging in itself should settle your nerves.  All products are in a masculine brown, with subtle silver Tom Ford For Men logos and the discrete sizes are ideal for travel (or privacy).  A recent study apparently found that 1 in 10 men in the UK already secretly use make-up, so what do you have to loose? If you too could look as good as Tom Ford at 52 then swallow your pride, and make the move to make-up for men.

Tom Ford Bronzing - TGJ.01Tom Ford Bronzing Gel – £35 –

Tom Ford For Men Concealor - TGJ.02Tom Ford Concealer – £32 –

Tom Ford Grooming - TGJ.03Tom Ford Skin Serum – £185 –


All products start at £20, available from and


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