The most beautiful Italian classic cars

It’s no secret that Italy are a country of beauty and quality, and this is seen in everything from their clothing to their coffee. Their automobiles are one of the country’s greatest achievements though, and they have produced many of the most stunning machines to ever grace the tarmac. It’s a hard task to narrow it down, but here are the most beautiful italian classic cars ever.


FIAT 500, 1957 – 1975

italian car - TGJ.04

The original Fiat 500 produced just 13bhp, yet what it lacked in power it more than made up for in looks. Well-kept or restored 500s can now fetch tens of thousands of pounds, and it’s not hard to see why with their effortless style and unique charm.



italian car - TGJ.07

Built for racing, the super light 212 saw immediate success, winning a number of competitions including the prestigious Carrera Panamericana in 1951. Its curvaceous design is now adored by petrolheads the world over.



italian car - TGJ.01

Styled by legendary designer, Pininfarina, the A6GCS/53 is undoubtedly the best-looking Maserati of all time. Only four were ever built, meaning they’re in extremely high demand, and their combination of racing-inspired engineering with sultry looks is clearly a winning one.


FERRARI 250 GTO, 1962 – 1964

italian car - TGJ.02

Not much hasn’t been said on the 250 GTO. Chassic number 3851 GT is now the most expensive car in the world after it sold at auction earlier this year, although each of the 39 cars are equally iconic thanks to their racing pedigree and iconic beauty.



italian car - TGJ.06

The Miura was the world’s first supercar, putting Lamborghini firmly on the map back in the mid ‘60s. It inspired multiple generations of cars, and was the poster boy for speed and good looks throughout its seven-year production run.


ALFA ROMEO 33 STRADALE, 1967 – 1969

italian car - TGJ.05

The 33 Stradale is about as sexy as four wheels gets. It’s stunning in every way, and it’s quick too, with its mid-mounted, 2.0-litre V8 powering a lightweight, 700kg frame.



italian car - TGJ.03

Ferrari was always going to feature prominently on this list, thanks in no large part to their vast list of achingly beautiful machines. The 250 GT ‘Tour de France’ is right up there though, with its perfect proportions, simple racing livery and functional design.



italian car - TGJ.09

The predecessor to the Miura, Lamborghini’s Countach is no less iconic than its older cousin. Its futuristic design was quite the statement back in the early ‘70s, yet it has aged wonderfully and today has one of the meanest road presence of any car.


FERRARI 275 GTB/4 COUPE, 1966 – 1968

italian car - TGJ.08

Another classic Ferrari built derived from the racetrack, the 275 GTB/4 Coupe is a real wondrous machine. Steve McQueen owned one which, if his impeccable tastes are anything to go by, is a testament to this car’s enduring greatness.

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