What the world’s most successful men eat for breakfast

If a meal’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.


Whilst wondering what gives the entrepreneurial icons of today the ‘edge’, one might be forgiven for thinking of their around-the-clock drive, their natural intellect, or their keen eye for a business deal. But, even for millionaires, it’s often the choices made, and the habits sustained, outside of office hours that make all the difference. And, for most of us at least, the first of these daily defining choices is our breakfast.

Whether or not it is the most important meal of the day, breakfast is a meal worth taking seriously. How people fuel themselves in the morning can not only tell us about their health, but their overall mindset and approach towards the rest of their day.

From green smoothies to boiled eggs, the world’s most successful men certainly don’t share a single recipe for success, however what is certain is that they all have a formula that works for them.

Richard Branson


In a world of protein shakes and pricey supplements, the business magnate and founder of Virgin Group keeps things old fashioned after his 5am wakeup, with a bowl of muesli and fruit salad, occasionally substituted by kippers. A hearty, yet light, breakfast we conclude.

John Mackey

john mackey breakfast

True to his occupation as CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market, John Mackey intakes his morning fuel in the form of a green smoothie, packed with fresh fruit and either kale or spinach. Who said you need to eat a big plate of food first thing in the morning?

Barack Obama


The 44th President of the United States is known for managing to fit a healthy lifestyle into his hectic schedule, and reportedly starts his day with foods such as eggs, toast, fruit and porridge. Quite a standard, yet powerful breakfast – fit for a President.

Jack Dorsey

What the world’s most successful men eat for breakfast

Alongside a meditation session and a six-mile jog to start his day, the Twitter founder and CEO swears by a breakfast of 2 boiled eggs and soy sauce. This combination of mild exercise and protein in the morning gives Dorsey the energy he needs to run his social media empire.

Mark Zuckerberg


Much like his routine of wearing the same outfit each day, Zuckerberg has a no-nonsense approach to breakfast. No time is wasted in preparation, and he simply tucks into simply ‘whatever’ takes his fancy in the moment before getting on with his day. Is it better to have a habitual routine or live like Mark?

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