What to watch on Netflix in May 2021

From spine-chilling psychological thrillers to riotous, mercenary heists, here's what to watch on Netflix this May...

Well, lockdown restrictions have started easing — and we couldn’t be more excited to get back out into the world again. But after such a long time away from the social scene, we wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the frenzied outdoor socialising we’re finally allowed to do again. Our diaries are bursting at the seams; but after such a long lockdown, it can all feel a bit much sometimes, can’t it?

But never fear. We’ve rounded up our selection of the best films and TV shows arriving on Netflix this May; so if you feel you need the occasional quiet night in, amidst all the park gatherings, riverside strolls and outdoor pints, Netflix has the goods to make that quiet night in just as exciting as the most adventurous night out. 

Army of the Dead, May 21st

This is the one everyone has been waiting for. Zack Snyder’s first project since the controversial Justice League takes him back to his zombie roots. This shiny new zombie heist action adventure sees Dave Bautista strap on his gun alongside rising star Matthias Schweighöfer in this tale of a morally questionable gang of mercenaries plotting a heist at a Las Vegas casino.

Halston, May 14th

This new miniseries from none other than Ryan Murphy is one you won’t want to miss. Ewan McGregor plays the iconic fashion designer; and if there was ever a match made in heaven, this would most certainly be it. Based on Halston’s life, including his era-defining style and swift rise to fame, this is guaranteed to be a hit of the spring.

The Italian Job, May 1st

No, we’re not talking about the sixties classic. In this ‘homage to the original’ – as described by director F. Gary Gray – you’ve got the minis, the gold and even the classic traffic light extravaganza, but this is no carbon copy. Mark Wahlberg, Ed Norton, Charlize Theron and Donald Sutherland are joined by Jason Statham as they fight for control of the gold and of course revenge in this fast-paced intensely fun reimagining of the Michael Caine favourite.

Jupiter's Legacy, May 7th

Whether you’re a caped crusader fan or not, this upcoming American superhero series from Kingsman’s Mark Millar is definitely worth a watch. It centres on the world’s first superheroes, who were equipped with their powers in the 1930s; and their subsequent story arcs as the elder guard, passing their expertise on to the younger, less capable generations.

S.W.A.T., May 18th

You may be familiar with this US action drama series (which shares its name with the 1975 series); you may even have been dying to watch it for years, ever since it first aired on CBS. And if that’s you, we’ve got great news: it’ll be arriving on Netflix next month, and it brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘bingeworthy’ — centring, as it does, on former marine Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrison, who’s promoted to lead a new “last stop” Special Weapons and Tactics Unit in Los Angeles.

Monster, May 7th

This heart-wrenching drama was a Sundance favourite and feels both timely and urgent. It tells the story of Steve Harmon, a promising 17-year-old honour student at a prestigious high school who aspires to be a filmmaker, but finds himself charged with murder. As he fights a terrifying legal battle, his world comes crashing down. Kelvin Harrison Jr – currently filming with Baz Luhrmann on the untitled Elvis Presley project – delivers a breakout performance as the teen. Other faces you’ll recognise include Tenet’s John David Washington, Jennifer Hudson and ASAP Rocky. A must-watch. 

Men in Black: International, May 7th

Director F. Gary Gray moves away from heist thrillers and into the realm of sci-fi action comedy with this, the fourth film in the Men in Black series. There’s no Will Smith this time, instead we get Chris Hemsworth as Agent H and Tessa Thompson as new recruit Agent M, who have to work together to find the mole within the MIB organisation. Hemsworth in particular has great fun with the comic asides. Plus, there’s supporting performances from Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson to keep things interesting. 

Lucifer, May 28th

Who’s been utterly hooked on this devil detective series; and who was dismayed, gobsmacked and appalled to find that the second half of the series wasn’t available to watch? Well, for all those left on a cliffhanger, we’ve got good news: Season 5B will be arriving on Netflix at the end of May. At long last, we can continue witnessing the adventures of Lucifer Morningstar with the continuation of this urban fantasy series.

The Corrupted, May 10th

We’re heading into the gritty London underworld with this new Netflix addition. Sam Claflin takes the lead, as ex-convict, Liam McDonagh, who’s lost everything he has to a local crime syndicate. Great British talents Timothy Spall and Hugh Bonneville play against type as the men he should not cross. As the film goes on, we see him desperately trying to win back his family’s trust: but is it just too late?


Ok, so Netflix haven’t released an exact date for this particular film, but they did include it in their tweet about the films hitting the platform this May — so we’re very excited (and a little nervous). We assume we don’t need to introduce the plot for this one, so we’ll just say: prepare yourselves to be spooked, shocked and terrified all over again by that killer shark (and simultaneously prepare yourselves for the return of those two musical notes that single handedly terrified generations of viewers. Don’t make us hum them: you know the notes we mean).

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