What do your socks say about you?

Categories: Style

Without sneaking a look, could you confidently tell us the colour of the socks you’re wearing right now? Is it that ratty old grey pair, or the natty patterned numbers you unwrapped last Christmas? Socks, almost literally the foundation of any outfit, are often overlooked. And, here at Gentleman’s Journal, we just don’t think that’s good enough. 

Yes, they may only flash to the world with the flick of an ankle, but your sock choice can say a lot about you. They can betray your boldness, showcase a little personality, or just let others know that no sartorial detail is too small to take seriously. 

So, if your sock drawer is full to the brim of boring black and navy numbers, then we’ve got just the thing. From conservative, plain pairs to flamboyant, extroverted examples, we’ve picked out five types of socks — and what they say about you.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a black silk sock. With your tux, there’s nothing better. Similarly, it probably wouldn’t pay to wear anything too garish to a job interview, or a funeral for that matter. But these monochrome socks are best kept for special, or super-formal occasions — otherwise you just come off as a bore.

It may just be one step up from the conservative, plain socks above, but switching colour can make all the difference. Yes, there’s no patterns involved yet, but just look how punchy these are. Give your fellow commuters a glimpse of such splendid colour and they’ll know you’re not only a strong and stylish individual, but one who can also follow a dress code.

A quiet pattern never hurt anyone. But, what these simple, subtle spots and stripes can do is show a little personality. Beneath those work appropriate chinos or slate-grey suit, your socks are the perfect way to show others that you’re not just another drone behind a desk. No, they’re not bright red or brazenly-patterned, but you’re still your own person.

Those subtle stripes and spots are all well and good, but sometimes you want your socks to shout a little louder. With this style of bigger patterns, bolder prints and denser colours, you’re really making a statement. ‘I am a fun individual,’ your socks proclaim proudly. Just make sure you don’t look too try hard — because edge for the sake of edginess is anything but.

You can take your socks one step too far. Go too big, too bright and too patterned — hell, some of these aren’t even patterns — and you edge ever closer to committing a crime of fashion. That said, there are rare moments when such socks are acceptable, but we’d limit that to festivals, duvet days or a big, big night out.

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