These are the best men’s facial treatments in London

From a brief treatment at The Ned to a lengthy pampering session at The Bulgari Spa, these are the best men’s facials in the capital

Trying to relax? Trying to unwind, cool off and breathe easy? A facial treatment is the perfectly pampering way to settle back and simmer down this summer. And there are some truly terrific options out there.

But the best cleansing, comforting, exfoliating experiences can be found in London. From hotel spas to standalone establishments, there are more male-centric facial treatment options on offer in the British capital than anywhere else. Here are six of the finest…

‘Dr. Barbara Sturm Men’s Facial’ at ESPA Life, The Corinthia Hotel

What can you expect? An experience tailored specifically to men’s skin, which Dr. Barbara Sturm tells us “is dermatologically different from a woman’s”. This treatment exfoliates, calms and nourishes — and is ideal for soothing your skin post-shave.

How long does it take? An involved and thought-through process of cleansing, toning, soothing and comforting takes 60 minutes. An extra of ‘Micro-Needling’ can be added for £100, which takes another 15 minutes.

How much does it cost? £225. It’s a lot of money; but actively removing dry skin, improving your skin barrier function and fighting the signs of ageing with Hyaluronic acid doesn’t come cheap.

‘Black Tie Facial’ at The Refinery, Mayfair

What can you expect? ‘The ultimate event facial’, according to the Mayfair male grooming specialists. The experience begins by exfoliating dead cells, before multiple techniques are employed to reinvigorate your skin.

How long does it take? 90 minutes — which may seem like a long time. But it allows for applied energy waves to thoroughly heat up deep layers of skin, trigger cell metabolism and the auto renewal of collagen and elastin fibres.

How much does it cost? £300. But the result is an incredibly smooth, tightened and lifted looking visage. Surprisingly, the heat waves don’t dry out your skin — instead, they leave it refreshed and hydrated.

‘The Organic Pharmacy Men’s Facial’ at The Four Seasons Spa, Park Lane

What can you expect? The spa is a relaxing haven in the heart of the city. The experience itself combines natural plant compounds with nourishing ingredients to clear pores and smooth the skin.

How long does it take? 60 minutes — but it’ll feel longer. That’s because, at The Four Seasons spa, time moves more slowly than it does outside on busy Park Lane. It’s a calming, tranquil treat.

How much does it cost? A slightly cheaper £155. It’s still a lot — but doesn’t use many of the heat-waving, cryo-freezing techniques of the more costly options. But it will still leave your skin equally cleansed, clear and bright.

‘Signature Energy Facial’ at The Bulgari Spa, Knightsbridge

What can you expect? Another facial specifically formulated for male skin. The Bulgari’s ‘Signature Energy Facial’ addresses men’s dermatological concerns; and reduces puffiness and controls oil production.

How long does it take? Another 90 minute session. And another facial that throws the kitchen sink at you — refining skin texture through, amongst other things, purified, chilled air from a cryotherapy machine.

How much does it cost? £350; one of our costlier options. But, suitable for men of all ages and skin types, it’s a good option if you’ve got sensitive skin — and will result in a softer, brighter and polished complexion.

‘Express Facial’ at Ned’s Barbershop, The Ned

What can you expect? There is a spa at The Ned. It’s called The Ned Club spa — and it’s a wonderful place to while away a weekend. But the best facial in this city-centre five-star hotel is found in the on-site barbershop; a simple, quick and thoroughly enjoyable option.

How long does it take? Just 30 minutes of your precious time. Using the bespoke ‘Neville’ range of Ned products, the treatment includes a quick cleanse, a speedy exfoliation and a rapid mask to finish.

How much does it cost? £50. It may be the shortest session on our list — but it’s also the best value. While you’re there, why not get a quick beard trim, too? The basic facial hair tidy-up takes just 15 minutes.

‘Men’s Signature Facial’ at Ushvani, Knightsbridge

What can you expect? A holistic approach, using the brand new Ushvani range of products. Soothing ingredients such as kemiri nut oil, cocoa beans and shea butter come together to create a natural option.

How long does it take? 90 minutes. That’s plenty of ginger, nutmeg and bergamot-infused time to enjoy your pre-facial shave (to combat ingrown hairs), massage and detoxifying Mangosteen mask.

How much does it cost? £150, which is very reasonable considering the number of products you’ll be treated to; a roster including Pre-Shave Oil, Bamboo Facial Scrub, Coconut & Kemiri Butter and a Hibiscus Mask.

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