The Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle Platine is a shining example of heritage watchmaking

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When it comes to classic watch design, you can always count on Vacheron Constantin to deliver. The oldest continuously-running watch brand in the world, they are elegant, decadent and have been creating timeless (pardon the pun) timepieces for over 260 years.

And, thanks to this incredibly long and varied history, you can rest assured that each of the brand’s new watches are created with the utmost deliberation; centuries of expertise behind ever dial. The company even has its very own department dedicated to acquiring vintage pieces, restoring them and selling them on with their standard two-year guarantee.

Surely this reverence for timepieces of the past shows that Vacheron are a brand with huge believe in themselves. And surely that shows that we should too be paying attention.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle Platine. It may be a modern timepiece, but it’s not difficult to spot Vacheron’s vintage inspiration in the design. From the train track minute markers and sword-shaped hands to the manual winding movement that keeps the watch ticking, the storied history of the Swiss brand is clear.

And that’s the principal reason we love this watch. The case may only measure 38mm across — a size that has been used for generations — but many see this as too small today. Vacheron, however, trust in the tradition, and claim that it helps the timepiece remain understated and able to slip under a cuff.

We couldn’t agree more. And, while some might overlook this simple yet beautiful watch, those in the know will instantly recognise the classic Vacheron Constantin design. They might even clock that it’s cast in the most precious of metals; platinum.

Incredibly hard to find when mining, platinum is almost unbelievably tough. In fact, most of the bumps and scrapes that so do for a steel model will hardly make a mark on a platinum watch.

And the metal’s qualities don’t need there. It’s also possible to polish out virtually any scratch from a platinum case, which means it’ll stay shining new for many years to come. And that’s just what Vacheron will want. Because, as this becomes an heirloom and is passed down generations, you will keep the brand’s market-leading history ticking along.

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